Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm creating a monster

I had a rummage through the spare bedroom last night and came across a huge box of half used balls of acrylic. The balls are all in pleasant enough colours so I decided to gather them up and start on a very basic granny-square blanket.

The pattern is a simple 3DC CH1 pattern so works up quickly and is quite therapeutic once you get going.

I managed a 12in square in an hour last night and am setting myself 10 minute slots to get a little more done while IQ naps. After each round I'm going to reward myself with a cuppa or some choccy! I find this reward-for-a-round system works quite well for me and it stops me getting bored of the pattern , resulting with me shoving the WIP to the back of the wardrobe.... Oh that dark, dark place...

Do you reward yourself during crafting? What's the biggest project you've completed?


  1. Like your reward system! And 12" in an hour sounds pretty impressive to me. I'm still battling away with my granny square blanket - my daughter counted the squares the other day, and sadly there aren't quite as many as I thought! Wish now I'd kept on going round like you, because my grannies are a variety of sizes, and I'm dreading sewing them together!

    1. That's why my cop-out was to do it all in one piece, I hate sewing square together and all the loose ends give me nightmares!! My tension is never accurate enough to guarantee that all the squares will be the same size either!!

      The only drawback to my blanket now is that each round takes over an hour and are getting longer... i have to wait longer for that cuppa...