Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A week of milestones and creativity

I can see you cat...
This has been a really busy week for the Stitch family. I'm amazed at how much we've packed in! (if you follow me on Instagram sorry for the photo repetitions!)

IQ is constantly amazing us at the moment. She was 8 months last Sunday. Where has the time gone?! Every day she's doing something new and exciting and I love watching her grow and develop. It's been a tough week with regards to feeding as she started to refuse-the-spoon and it made meal times very stressful for me. In the middle of the week I noticed that teeth 7&8 have appeared at the bottom so that will explain the grumpiness and spoon refusal. I can't believe she's got 8 teeth already...

Come ere...
She has also started crawling too which is so exciting for her but made me a little sad because she's got this whole new independence about her. She's not such a baby any more. She scoots right across the living room and everything has now been re-arranged to keep her safe. She loves feeling everything and will run her fingers across / chew everything in sight to find out what it is and how it feels. Because of this, we've bought her a whole new range of toys with buttons and fiddly bits to keep her entertained as her old 'baby' toys just don't keep her attention any more!

She's also finding the fat-cat very funny and will laugh at him when he
walks past. We take her hand and stroke him and this drives her nuts! Real belly laughs! Thank goodness we have a very tolerant lazy cat. She also seeks him out whenever he tries to hide from her and the only place he's safe is on the window seat where she can't get to. It's only a matter of time though Tweak, so start planing your escape routes!

Daddy and IQ on the slide
She can also pull herself to standing on the furniture and it's a little ahead of herself when she tries to climb up. Watching her trying to get her leg up is so funny but her persistence is to be admired. I think it'll be a while longer before she can actually climb anything though.

We went to a local park last Monday and IQ and daddy had so much fun on the swings and slide. I love how playful Daddy is and she had a great time with him.

Narutomaki sushi brooch
I've also made time for crafting too! I'm so pleased to finally have my creative mojo back, it's been too long. I've been using felt a lot this week and created my bird mobile and some super cute sushi pin badges too. I'm so pleased with them. I think I've found a medium that I really enjoy using and will definitely be using felt more often.

I also made IQ a fleece hat on Sunday. Daddy kindly offered me an hour off so I could craft. I bought the fleece fabric back last year and have only now made anything with it! I used the same pattern for the hat I made a few years ago for a friends' little boy. She looks SO CUTE in it. Blue definitely suits my little girl.
IQ is so pleased with her new hat

I've also got an exciting update on my widowsill herb planter I made two weeks ago. The coriander and basil have sprouted! They must love being in the sun all day as they've grown so fast. I'm A-Mazed at the speed they've appeared. It won't be long before I can pick them and use in cooking. Exciting!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you didn't have too much snow!


  1. How lovely for you to see your little girl reach those - bigger and smaller - milestones. Hope in near future she and the cat will be good friends. Your bottom picture helps remind me that I have a few little bags with seeds lying in the kitchen....

  2. Lovely post and I love the windowsill herb planter, I might have to give this a go! I'm very jealous that IQ has 8 teeth- Sasha is nearly 11 months and only has two, and she's a bloody awful teether!