About Me

My beautiful tattoo
My name is Jade and I'm a short little Welsh girl now living in the southern half of the UK in lovely Devon. I live with my husband and our menagerie of animals. We moved 140 miles down south after my husband got a job as a tattooist (I know, cool right?). We are both tattooed people and love talking and thinking about tattoos.

My beautiful IQ
While my husband hurts people I work for a CD and Vinyl manufacturing company. It's a great job, with great people and I very much enjoy it. It was lucky to find it so quickly and I am so thankful for it.

A few weeks after moving to our new home we found out that we were pregnant with our first but much longed for child. We had been trying for over a year and finding out we had been successful was a wonderful feeling. The old saying of "A new house, a new baby" certainly rang true!

Our gorgeous little girl, IQ, was born in July 2012 and she's the centre of our world. She changes so much every single day and I am so glad that I spend every day with her.

I am a crafty little so and so - I love making things. So my blog is all about baking, cats, crafting, crocheting and babies. 

Please come and join the fun, don't forget to say Hi!