Sunday, March 31, 2013

An unconventional Easter gift

My husband and I aren't all about the cute rabbits and fluffy chicks at Easter. We are of course all about the chocolate though! I wanted to make him something cool for Easter so decided on this. He, like many others, calls Easter Sunday "zombie Jesus day". It's not a slate on the holiday itself, just a bit of jesting I guess! So, in keeping with the theme I made a turn-inside-out zombie chick-in-an-egg!

I made it using some aran yarn in my stash that wouldn't be making it into the monster granny square blanket. I added the necessary brains and hanging-off button eye.

It's a totally daft Easter gift but he loved it. I presented it in an origami birds nest filled with chocolate mini eggs.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the chocolate overload!

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