Sunday, February 24, 2013

This week in photographs

I know I've previously posted that I'm having a little blog-siesta but I hate leaving it bare... So I wanted to share some photographs from this week.

1 - IQ has become really mobile this week, she loves to roll from one end of the living room to the other!

2 - we went and searched out our first Geocache at the beginning of the week. We explored a nearby nature reserve and played in a park

3 - this was IQ's first time on a swing. As you can see by her little face that she loved it

4 - I've just come back from a lovely hen weekend in a beautiful cottage in Wellisford. Everyone had to wear onsies (my mum is the lady 4th from right)

5 - gorgeous cupcakes that the hen's bridesmaid created. The ones in the background were decorated with male-appendages...

6 - a little note that was in each bathroom in the cottage. I laughed because everyone on the hen was Welsh and the sheep-down-the-loo seemed appropriate.

7 - beautiful plate of huge strawberries I helped myself to. Yum!
8 - my my mum and IQ in their onsies!

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