Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last week - sadness and joy

Last week was a very strange one for our family. We travelled up to Wales on Wednesday to attend my Uncle's funeral. It was only a month or so ago that we buried my Grandmother so to have another family funeral so soon was really sad. But, as all family get-togethers we had a great time and it was nice seeing all the family again, even if it was in such sad circumstances.

On Thursday evening, I had a night at home with my mum and IQ while my dad and Andi went to celebrate my little brother's last night as an un-married man.

The wedding was on Friday, which was also St. David's day in Wales. My brother and his gorgeous fiancee had the most beautiful wedding. Their colour theme was cream, orange and sage. Both bride and groom wore orange shoes. The groom had Vans and the Bride had Dr Martens boots! I made my fascinator which I'm really proud of and I had lots of compliments. Their wedding cars were my Dad's Volkswagen Jetta, which took the groom and best men, and the bride arrived in a glorious Volkswagen splitter campervan. Cool or what?!

We were staying the night in the hotel and my grandparents kindly offered to look after IQ while we had a party. And my gosh we had a blast! I was up until 3am! The following day, we treated ourselves with a sauna a jacuzzi to recover! It was bliss!

I loved spending so much time with my family. I really miss them. It was great to have so much help with IQ too. We felt like different people after a few good nights' sleep and fun as a couple.

Here are a few photographs from the wedding:

My gorgeous hubby and IQ

Me and IQ

The boys and the wedding car (my dad's VW Jetta)

The best wedding shoes ever!

My bro's a cool dude

the gorgeous couple

My beautiful family

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  1. Im sorry about the loss of your uncle, Jade. :(

    Everyone looked so lovely at the wedding! :)