Friday, January 4, 2013

Rest in peace - Olive Edith Harvey

Olive Edith Harvey - 1923 - 2012

Today we buried my Nan (grandma). She was 89 years old and a really wonderful lady. Her last few months were full of pain, debilitation and sadness.

Her ceremony today was held at a church in my hometown, somewhere she lived all her life. She was born in the house she lived in all her life, where her 5 children were born and where she and my Bampie (grandfather) spent many happy years together.

The ceremony was lovely. My brother, being so much stronger than me, was a coffin bearer alongside my cousins and they did Nan proud. There were many tears shed as we said our final goodbyes to such a wonderful lady.

I'm sad that she's no longer in our lives and I know there's going to be a huge space where she was. Ivy will never know her great-grandmother but at least they met before she passed away and for that I am truly grateful.

Our round trip today was about 320 miles and was a long day for all of us. IQ was an absolute pleasure and enjoyed being babysat by her other great-grandparent, as much as they really enjoyed having her and showing her off to anyone who looked!

I'm so glad it was a good ceremony and celebration of her life.

Rest in peace Nana Ol, we love you, always.

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