Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weaning her way to success

IQ is doing so well with eating! So far she's guzzled down everything I've given her.

Her feeding technique is to sluuuurp the food off the spoon or smash it around her face with her hands. It's so funny to watch and I'm really enjoying spending this time with her.

She's still having a few breastfeeds during the day and one or two at night and I'm hoping it will stay like this because we're both getting on so well this way. She guzzles down around 6/7oz of formula 4 times a day and is also eating a fair bit. She's definitely like her dad in the sense that she can pack food in like it's going out of fashion!

I'm looking forward to having her involved in family meals, especially because her new high chair is so cute (though she looks tiny in it!).

I'd love to know what everyone's little one's favourite food was when they first started off on solids? Did you puree or mash? Did you go straight in with the full roast dinner? It'd be great to hear some stories!

Our first weigh in clinic of the new year is on Monday and I have a feeling she's put on quite a bit of weight since the last one!

Happy weekend!

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