Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Very little sleep and a lot of sitting

Poor little IQ. Her teeth really are causing some misery. After bed last night she woke around 9:30pm having a screaming meltdown. I quickly changed her and gave her more teething powders then took her back up to bed. After that waking she woke every 1.5 hours thereafter and was wide awake at 5:45am.

I'm on my knees here!!

She's barely slept today (usually has 3 good naps per day) and has been really miserable. I haven't left the house once today and I feel so stuffy because of it.

One great positive that came out of today is that she's making good progress at sitting on her own. In between feeding, calpol and crying we have been playing and having fun. She's Still a little wobbly and falls over when reaching for toys but it's all practise!

I have been keeping with the mix feeding today but I'm almost certain that my supply is really dwindling... She's just polished off 14oz!!!! And is sleeping in my arms for the first time today. I feel like the wakings last night were because I wasn't producing enough milk for her... I feel pretty dreadful for that.

It's looking like my breastfeeding journey has come to a rather abrupt end, not the smooth transition I was hoping for :-( I'm trying to reassure myself of the positives to stopping breastfeeding but I feel bereft. Has anyone else stopped suddenly or phased it out? How did you feel about it? Was it easy to get used to not bfing anymore?

I could do with a few positive words as I'm feeling really guilty!

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  1. I'm so sorry about how abruptly IQ's bf-ing stopped!
    I know you're really upset about it, but if she seems content enough and adjusting without constant nursing, then I think at least she is alright with it and will be...
    Good luck though, sweetie. Sending lots of love and mommy-compassion for you! xoxo