Sunday, July 17, 2011

Neglected for 5 Months!

I'm so sorry blog. It's been 5 whole months!
A lot has happened in 5 months. I had this lovely long list of all the things I was going to blog about but just haven't had time. 
My life has been very hectic recently. I knew that we were going to be relocating to a different part of the country soon but I never thought it would come around this quickly. Our house was put up for sale and I was going to blog about that, then it sold and I was going to blog about that also. Then we had to look for another house, more blog posts planned but never happened. Finally we bought another house. So as you can see, I had all the intentions of blogging about these quite important things but just couldn't find the time!

So, the long and short of it - we're moving 100 miles away from where we are at the moment. A 45 minute journey to my parents is now 3 hours and a 3 hour journey to my MIL is now 6 hours!
The reason for this relocation is that my lovely husband Andi has been offered a full time position as a tattooist. It's a dream come true for him and I am so happy for him. I'm so happy for us. This is a scary-as-hell commitment but we're treating it as a big adventure.
I'm going to try and convince him to get a blog going because he needs to! He's amazing and so talented, I'm sure it'll make for a really interesting read. I keep poking him until he does it!

Hopefully I can think of some interesting things to blog about as I'm finishing my hell-hole job on Friday. I cannot wait to get out of that place as it's made me so unhappy over the last few months. I've not got another job to go on to so I will be assuming the role of housewife (finally!) and hopefully be a better blogger!

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  1. yay, a jadeblog!

    I'm so excited for you my lovely! such an adventure xxx