Monday, January 10, 2011

My Polynesian Tattoo

I'd like to share my polynesian sleeve with you all. It's been finished since November but I've only recently taken pictures of it in its completed state. I had it designed and completed by Mike at Spike at the Art in Plymouth. It took five two hour sittings to complete.
The worst bits were my inner arm, by my armpit and the inside of my elbow. Not necessary the crack of my inner elbow but the sensitive bits above and below it.
It has lots of meaning and it took me a good six months of research to decide on the different elements and their positions.
I have to give pretty much all of the design credit to Mike though, as without him, it would be nothing like it is today.


  1. Wow, it is amazing!!!! A woman who I work with goes to spike at the art - she swears Mike is the best!! (I live in Tavistock by the way).
    It must've hurt so much but definitely looks worth it!!
    Sam xx

  2. Crikey! It's a small, small world! It's where my lovely husband has just been given an apprenticeship so we'll be moving down to Plymouth within the year. How far is Tavistock from Plymouth?

  3. its about 20/30 minutes depending on traffic. Tavistock is a little town- its cute you should take a visit one day! It's a bit of an old people place to live but its nice for a day visit!!
    I hope all goes well with the move and your hubby's apprenticeship!
    sam xx

  4. Can you send me a site with the meanings? cant find anny, i am from sweden. and thinking about getting one! plz..

  5. Hi Josha, thanks for your comment. I used it has a very good dictionary and reference for all types of Polynesian, Mauri and Marquesian tattoos. Some of it is available for free but most you have to pay a small subscription fee for. It's totally worth paying. Good luck with your tattoo.