Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Letter To A Thief

Dear petty shoplifter,
I am writing to you concerning and incident that happened at my store on Thursday. I would like to declare how disgusted and horrified I am of your actions. I understand that you may be in a difficult financial position. After all, you have sought asylum here, been given a lovely house to live in and a small but satisfactory allowance to feed your family. What I have a severe problem with, is that you think that it's OK to rape your children of their innocence by bringing them into my store, trying on some nice new shoes and then allowing your children to leave their old ones shoes under my display. Then letting them walk out of the store wearing a pair of trainers you have encouraged them to steal.
Let me ask you, what kind of message is this giving your children?
You have willingly stolen their innocence by making them petty thieves. They are children, judging by the size of their feet that cannot be older than 9 and 11, and they should NEVER be encouraged or allowed to undertake in such behaviour.
You may be in a sticky financial situation and yes, they did need new shoes but you should let your children see you making informed and moral decisions about getting new ones and in life in general. I hate the think about the life these poor children lead at home. Please, give your children a chance to break free of the social conditioning that you may have had enforced on you. Let them live moral lives and use the decisions they see their parents making to lead them into a life of better understanding and social positioning. You may have it tough but please, let your children be children and let them see that they can have a chance of a better life than the one you are giving them.
Yours sincerely,

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