Friday, July 30, 2010

Latsest creation - Turquiose flowers wedding hairclip

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, so it's one of those rare occasions that we get to dress up. I bought a beautiful Jade Green (ha, gettit?) dress from Jane Norman which I adore, but it made me go a bit mad with shopping today. I realised that I didn't have anything nice enough to wear with it! I had to buy new shoes, a new bag, a little bolero/wrap type thing, all to match my new dress. I didn't mind buying it too much, as it's not very often I got to a wedding so I wanted to make an effort.

It's one of those days where my parents want me to look 'tidy'.

My dad ws really cute when I spoke to him the other day. I had sent a picture of the new dress to his mobile phone so my mum could see it (dad's phone is better quality than my mum's). He said to me "I bet you and Andi are going to look gorgeous on Saturday, you pair always scrub up well", which is really nice of him to say!

I was a bit stuck what to do with my hair. I wanted something summery and different. I had a good look around the shops but nothing took my fancy, so I made my own! I used a barette clip, feathers, plastic flowers and lots of swarvoski crystal beads. I love it! The feathers are quite long and stick up over hy hair and smaller turquiose leaves with beads on come across the front. I was going to put a little bit of mesh on it so it was more like a fascinator, but I love it like it is :)

Hope you like it too...


  1. awww pretty! cant wait to see full outfit shots of you both ! x

  2. Thanks my lovely :) I almost didn't get any pictures of us because my dad (in his drunken state) lost the camera on Saturday. We were all really upset because he took lots of lovely pictcures. Luckilly, he'd left the camera on a table in the club and my cousin picked it up!

    Once my mum has downloaded the pictures I'll be sure to post some up xx