Friday, August 6, 2010

'Ezme' pockets

I was asked to make some pockets for a friend of mine as she's going to Boom Festival in a few weeks.
Her requirements were:
  1. They need to be big enough to hold my phone/money/camera/keys
  2. They need to be strong enough to hold my phone/money/camera/keys
  3. They need to be waterproof
  4. I need them in two weeks
So, the only thing from that list that I thought I would have trouble with was the waterproof bit. The festival is by the sea so she was worried that if she took an impromptu dip in the water she'd wreck anything that was in them.

I got around this problem by using freezer bags as waterproofing. I just put the bag between the pocket and the lining and sewed it up. They're not 100% waterproof because when sewing through the plastic the needle would make holes in it, but that's close enough.

I used purple corduroy for the main pockets, freezer bags for the interfacing and purple and white gingham for the lining.

I got a message from her yesterday saying "Hello Hun,Just wanted to say a quick huge 'THANK YOU' for my pockets I love them :D ur very talented, there perfect for what i need."

I'm very happy with how they turned out.

The pockets on my mannequin
Sneaky flash of the lining


  1. so cute! well done you! :) x

    ps - did Andi do your new background? It's so cute!!!!

  2. Aww thanks :) Nope, I did the backgroud all by myself :D