Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Schmeaster

I had a lovely little parcel in the post from my mother in law this morning. Inside contained some chocolate spring chickens, chocolate coated toffee popcorn (which is to DIE for) and a toy. Probably the tackiest most annoying toy on the planet and I love it. It's a little chick that chirps when you hold it in your hand. Incredibly irritating but also very cute!

We also had an Easter card from her, which was a bit 'too godly' for me to apprciate but the thought was lovely. I never say no to chocolate in the post!

Also, Andi had a jigsaw delivered today. A power tool jigsaw not a pieces jigsaw. It was soo cute to see him getting so excited about it. Every two minutes it was 'Honey look at this', 'look what this can do', 'look at this attachement, isn't it cool?'


Looks like the building of the new vivarium for the bosc is going to commence soon. That also means I'm going to be loosing a quarter of my living room... I don't know how happy I am with that!

1 comment:

  1. be very happy about it! boscpants needs a big home :) x