Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Settling In

It's been just over a week since we made our big move and I'm please to say that we are settling in to our new home and hometown very well. It's fantastic to be so close to family and friends again. We've had visitors every day and we've even had a baby sitter to let us go out and have a few drinks. It's been great.

The move itself went so perfectly, we couldn't have wished for more. The company we used were very diligent and professional, the emptied our old house in 4 hours and re-filled our new house in just under 3. They even hung our clothes up in our wardrobes! My mum had IQ for the few days over the move, as well as the cats, so we could get everything done without worrying about stepping on the cat/baby! It took IQ a few days to settle in, she was getting awful upset when we left her to sleep but thankfully that only lasted a few days.

We did have one minor problem when we moved in to our new house... when going to cook our first meal I found that the oven didn't work! Only the grill part was warming up... bums! So we had to go out and buy a new oven. And when that one arrived, the engineer said he couldn't fit it because the cupboard space wasn't right for an integrated oven. But there was one in there already?! We had no idea... so hubby went to B&Q, bought a few bits of wood and some legs and made the cupboard good, so I'm glad to say the new oven works perfectly!

We've unpacked the majority of our stuff but as there's more space in this house, we're needing to buy a few more storage units and shelves to put things away. IQ loves having her own playroom, as do I, as it means I can close the door on the toys and forget about the mess!

The house already feels like our forever home and we've only been here 10 days!

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