Friday, January 18, 2013

Being a mum is the best thing I can be

Since I became a mum I've had many sleepless nights,
There's always dribble or sick on my shoulder and bags under my eyes.
My career is on the back burner while I change nappies and cook tea,
I never thought that being a mum would be the best job for me.

So when people ask 'how do you cope?', I say I'm doing fine,
The smiles and giggles, even burps and farts, melt this heart of mine.
When I see those big blue eyes stare at me lovingly,
I know in my heart that being a mum is the best thing I can be.

Every day I play and sing and I'm amazed at how much she grows,
The hair on her ears, her round belly and that gorgeous button nose,
They were all made with so much love it's easy enough to see,
This baby girl is my world and I just love being her mummy.


  1. Really enjoyed your poem - just lovely x

  2. Jade this is awesome :), hope you Andy and little one are doing well! Si