Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Adventure in to Babywearing

Even before IQ was born, I had planned to 'wear' her as much a possible. When I lived in Bristol I saw many hippy-mammas wearing their babies and I always thought how wonderful it looked, especially when their clothes were co-ordinated to match their slings and wraps.

I bought my first sling at the Mum 2 Mum market. This was way before IQ was born. I got this glorious wrap from Kali-Sling, a local company that make stunning wraps. It wasn't too much of an investment compared to many of the top-end wraps but I was happy to pay the £25 for such beautiful material, and I wouldn't feel to bad if I didn't get on with it. I watched the videos on their website and practised, as they advised, with a teddy before trying it with a little one. I was happy that I'd got the wrap style correct as it does look ever so confusing if you've never done it before.

This week, as the weather turned colder, I thought it would be the perfect time to start my babywearing adventure. I try and go for a walk every day, even if it's to the shops and back and I always feel so much better after I've been. Sometimes it's hard to get myself together and leave the house, especially when I've got to lug the Quinny (which is pretty heavy) up the steps at the front of the house. This, I realised, was my calling to start babyweairng as I wouldn't have to worry about dragging that heavy contraption up the steps.

Yesterday was our first adventure in the wrap. I tied it in a front carry and slid Ivy in. After a moment of protest she was calm and looked very cosy. I decided that I was only going to do a short walk, about half an hour or so, just to get used to the wrap and carrying IQ around.

IQ - the chicken.
As she now weighs 15lbs 3oz I felt pregnant again! All that weight I used to carry was suddenly back in front of me. I realised I was waddling too. As we were walking IQ was wide-eyed and looking at everything, she had a much better view of the world than in her buggy. We talked about the sky and the trees and the birds as we walked. I could tell she enjoyed the closeness and I walked, rapidly cradling my baby in front of me. An old chap came rushing over to us after looking at us from a  distance, when he got close he was surprised that there was a baby in my arms. He thought I was carrying a chicken!He explained that IQ's orange hood looked from a distance like a chicken and that explained the puzzled look on his face when her saw her blue eyes from under the hood!

We were also stopped by a lady who was walking with her two sons and walking a buggy. She asked about the wrap, how it worked and where I got it from. I explained that this was my first time using it outside of the house but I was finding it very comfortable. She was delighted when I told her where it was from and how much it was. She commented on how gorgeous the fabric was. I was so pleased that on my first outing I had received such lovely compliments.

Sling rings
I'm going to practise different carries with the wrap and I've also bought sling rings to make my own ring sling. (don't google sling rings, you'll get nasty results!) My friend has picked up some gorgeous green paisley fabric for me from my favourite bristol fabric store. I can't wait for it to arrive as I want to make a wrap with it.


  1. Yay, glad it went well!

    Can't wait to sling my baby bears :) x

    1. It is such a lovely feeling having them so close. I've been 'wearing' her arond the house all day! I'm hoping to start making some slings as the ones I've seen as SO expensive!! Maybe we could have a sling party?