Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Belly Chuckles and a bus ride

Buggy - check
Changing bag - check
Phone and purse - check & check
Blanket and hat - check
and Baby.... um, check!

Leaving the house with a baby is always like a special ops mission and today was no exception. Today we had our first journey on a bus. I was a little apprehensive as we were travelling away from the house, further than walking distance, so if I forgot anything then tough!

IQ, snug as a bug
I walked a mile to the bus stop (there are bus stops closer, but this one is the only one that the particular bus I wanted to catch goes from) and waited for ten minutes for the bus. As it arrived, I realised that there were steps to get on so there was no chance of me getting the buggy up unfolded. I quickly took the car seat off and folded the buggy quick-time to get on. A lovely lady helped me on the bus with the buggy (as it's a huge chunk). The bus driver was very helpful and really lovely. She gave me some information about the bus times and when they came back.

We popped in to the little village where Andi works, we went to the studio for an hour and IQ had her lunch and a change in there. We went for lunch in Subway, joined by daddy, which was really lovely. We headed back towards the bus stop and a few busses went past. You know that feeling, the paranoid one where you keep looking behind you in case your bus comes? We had that. All the way down the road I kept looking back and low and behold, our bus came down the road before we'd even had chance to cross.

Amazingly the bus waited at the bus stop and we were able to quickly cross the road and make it to the stop. When the doors opened I noticed that it was the same bus driver as earlier but she was on a low bed bus, meaning that there was no steps to get on. The bus driver said "I saw you walking down the road and thought you'd be getting on, so I waited for you." How amazing is that? I was so chuffed she did this. With thanks to modern technology I brought up the bus company website on my phone and wrote an e-mail telling them there and then how pleased I was with their driver. In this country, I feel like we don't commend good customer service well enough and that bus driver deserved a pat on the back.

Thanks to her, I'm now not afraid to get on the bus and I hope she'll be driving it next time!

We got off and walked the mile back to the house. This time is was all uphill and I was exhausted by the time I got home. As I placed IQ in through the door still in her car seat I heard this wonderful, deep, wholehearted, belly chuckle! This was the first time she's EVER laughed like that and it took me by surprise. In true form, I whipped out my phone and videoed her laughing. Please excuse my hysterics in the background But she made my day chuckling like that!

(please bear with me as I upload the video - it's my first time doing this!)


  1. Awwww! That video made me do a tiny cry! Seeing her laugh is wonderful!x

    1. Glad the video worked! I was in hysterics for ages. Sadly she stopped doing it soon after and hasn't done it since!

    2. Show her my mug on Facetime again soon, she'll be chuckling in no time ;) x