Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Super easy double crochet baby hat

IQ modelling the lime and pink hat
IQ modelling the pink and lime hat

(EDIT: This pattern was edited on 13/02/13. I must apologise, the original instructions were incorrect for the size of hat indicated. Rookie error on my part. Thank you for all your feedback, without which I would not have realised my mistake!)

I can't believe that I actually made time for crafting!

I made this super simple baby hat for IQ last week and have had many compliments while out and about. Grannies love a baby in something knitted/crochet and my girl is always wearing something that fits that category! (Grannies love babies full stop!)

This super simple double crochet hat will fit a baby approx 0-6 months.

You will need:

4mm crochet hook
Yarn of your choice (preferably baby DK) in 2 colours

Stitches used:

Chain, slip stitch, double crochet (in American DC = UK Treble)


6 DC and 4 rows make a 4x4 inch square

Please note:
This hat is worked in the round, do not turn the piece while working. Each round is joined with a slip stitch to the second CH at the beginning of the row.

Instructions for the hat:

With 1st colour
ROUND 1: Ch4, join with SS to form a ring
ROUND 2: CH2, 12 DC in centre of ring, join with SS to 2nd CH from beginning of round (do this in every subsequent rounds) (12)
ROUND 3: CH2, 2DC in each DC around, join with SS (24)
ROUND 4: CH2, [2 DC in next DC, 1DC in next DC] repeat all around, join (36)
ROUND 5: CH 2, [2 DC in next DC, 1 DC in next 2 DC] repeat all around, join (48)
ROUND 6 - 13 : CH 2, DC in each DC (48)

Join second colour on joining slip stitch.
ROUND 14: CH2, DC in each DC, break yarn (2nd colour) (48)

Join first colour on joining slip stitch
ROUND 15 & 16: join, CH 2, DC in each DC, join. (48)

Alternative finishing row makes a small scalloped edge (like in the pink with lime stripe above)
ROUND 16: join, CH 2, [DC in next DC, SS in next DC] repeat around, join and fasten off. (48)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

You can also add an embellishment, I added a small flower on the lime hat but whatever you choose to add, make sure it's attached securely to baby can't pull it off. I did try to do a bow on the pink and lime hat but it doesn't really work so I've pulled it off - but you can see in the photograph, it's just all wonky looking!

Please let me know if you use this pattern, photographs of finished pieces would be lovely to see!