Saturday, June 9, 2012

My 26th Birthday and being 9 months pregnant

My favourite book at the moment!
Wow, haven't I been a slack-ass blogger? I'm afraid life has just gotten in the way and I've just not found the time. I'm currently 36 +4 and today is my 26th birthday. If you'd told me at my 25th birthday I'd be 9 months pregnant on my 26th I would have told you to f**k off! Not in a nasty way, but in a 'I don't believe you for a second' way.

This morning I was up early, I slept well but couldn't sleep any longer. Andi got up and made breakfast and coffee and he gave me my gifts. He's totally spoiled me this year. I had my favourite perfume (which I ran out of a few weeks back) and a brand new laptop! I couldn't believe it, he's such a generous man and I am very lucky. We then headed off to our anti-natal class for a few hours and I dropped him off at work.

Packing the baby's hospital bag
It's a shame he had to go in today because I'm feeling pretty lonely now. I'm not sure if anyone else feels it but I don't like spending my birthday alone. It's boring and frankly a little miserable! I'm hoping he'll be out early today but it's not looking likely as Saturdays at the studio are always really busy. So I've just had some lunch and after a slightly rocky start to mine and my new laptops relationship, we're getting to know each other :) It's got a built in camera so I can video call people when the baby's here. That's going to be tonnes of fun!

Birthday aside, my pregnancy has been going pretty well - almost textbook like, which worries me slightly. I'm hoping that it isn't a sign that I'm going to fall victim to a difficult labour because my pregnancy was so easy... I'm feeling very tired as sleep is eluding me and my body seems to be working in overdrive with all the excess weight (an extra 4 stone!), blood and fluid. But hey! The little one could be here any time now and the longest we'll have to wait to meet her is 5 weeks, so that's pretty reassuring. I've started nesting. The kitchen cupboards are slowly becoming organised and I've had an urge to iron a lot (something which I normally hate doing). I don't want to jinx it but I really can't see myself going the whole 40 weeks, but only time will tell.
Fabric for nursery furnishings

I've been making lots of things and buying lots of things for the baby. The mission to buy everything you need for a newborn seems never ending, but I feel like all the important stuff is done. Our hospital bag is packed, petrol is always in the car, birth plan is roughly thought out and there's bedding on the moses basket. I'm also totally prepared mentally for the arrival of our little girl and have totally no fear of the labour/birth process. Maybe I'm being naive and too blaze for my own good but being relaxed about it all can hardly be a bad thing? I'm feeling good overall and just hope that I don't start getting too impatient when she doesn't make an arrival - after all, she'll come when she's ready, right?

Aside from reading a few books about childbirth and the first few months, I'm going to try and be a little more social. Now I've finished work I need to keep in touch, write more letters and not be a hermit. Also to blog more. Here's to wishing :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Jade! <3

    Also glad to see you're back around the blogosphere! I was wondering if you had maybe delivered a little early, since you hadn't posted in a while...can't wait to hear your little one has gotten here safe, which I'm sure she will. ;)
    ...and probably just a little before mine does too!

    <3 K

  2. Looking forward to seeing more posts lovely :) And facetiming with Miss Newman! Sooo exciting!x