Tuesday, May 15, 2012

33 Weeks and Counting Down!

7 Weeks to Go!

I'm 33 weeks pregnant today and surprisingly I'm feeling really good. There are a few days where I'm exhausted but that's mainly down to a sleepless night. Once I've caught up on my Zzz's I feel so much better.

I had such a wonderful weekend just past, I saw the gorgeous Samboy and The Bear, and my mum came down on Saturday and we had a lovely day shopping and lunching.

It feels like I don't have long to go at all now... only 7 weeks but that could be 5 or it could be 9 -  who knows! Maybe I should start taking bets! We went for another and final scan today. I was referred as on my 20 week scan the sonographer couldn't see the bottom of my placenta and the worry was it was too low and would prohibit a natural birth. My midwife always picked up on the fact I had a very noisy lower abdomen so I was almost convinced that a low lying placenta was going to be a problem for us. Turns out that nature has done its job and it's moved, leaving the exit route for baby free. At least I know what kind of hospital bag I need to pack now!

It was so amazing to see the baby on screen again. She's grown so much and we could see her face with her button nose and tongue, and even each of her fingers. Crazy to think that the last time we went she could fit entirely on the screen, this time we could only squeeze a small portion of her on there. We even caught the baby sucking her thumb! See if you can make it out in the picture....

I only have 10 days left in work before I start my maternity leave and I really cannot wait. Not because I hate my job (I LOVE my job!) but because I want to get my house ready for the arrival of the little one. There's towels to be ironed, underwear to be colour co-ordinated and tins to be alphabetised!` I'm getting so big now I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to do any sorting out once I do finish, but we'll have to see.

My only complaints with the end weeks of this pregnancy is that I'm finding getting comfortable at night a bit of a nightmare. I'm sleeping very lightly and no matter how many different shaped pillows I have, I can't seem to find a comfy spot. I've also been diagnosed with symphis pubis dysfunction which is making my hips, back and knees very painful indeed. I have an appointment with a physio on Tuesday and hope that they can show me some exercises to aid with movement and pain relief.

Other than that I'm definitely glowing and very much enjoying making lots of things for the baby. I have a pattern for cot bumpers that I still want to make before she arrives but be dammed if I can find it... how I love baby-brain!

Little baby how I cannot wait to meet you!

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