Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6 months today!

Today I am 6 months pregnant. If I go full term I have just 16 weeks to go. It's a scary thing that time has just run away from us. I am feeling and looking remarkably pregnant now. I can no longer wear ANY of my non maternity clothes, I have to sleep with a support pillow, feel exhausted after walking up a flight of stairs and my feet are starting to swell.

I have been feeling lots of movement and Andi has been able to feel her too. She's growing quickly too, measuring about 8.5 inches from head to bum!

Because if this growth I now measure 42inches around the middle, weigh just over 10 stone and have a 38dd cup size. I'm "all baby" according to my family. But you know what? I have never felt better. I am so happy with how I feel and look, even uf I do feel like I'm trapped in someone else's body. It us a body I am constantly impressed, surprised and incredibly proud of. In just 16 short weeks, everything will have changed again.

I know I'm going to miss being pregnant but I'm going to start a whole new chapter where I'm going to be something completely new... a mum!


  1. Love this picture of you and Andi!

    *right click*


  2. oh you look great! Love your blog!

  3. I keep thinking the same thing: "I'm gonna be someone's Mom!
    Being pregnant is mostly lovely, but thinking about what happens after the little one gets here, is a total mind blower, huh?