Sunday, December 11, 2011

That baby belly feeling

For the last few weeks, (mainly due to the absence of morning sickness), I was wondering when I would start to feel pregnant. I can't explain how I was expecting to feel but imagined this amazing change that swept you off your feet and just made you feel it. I haven't had any realy symptoms apart from tiredness but my tummy is getting big and round already. I love it. I love looking down and seeing my belly. I'm finally feeling pregnant!

I was on a shopping trip with my mum yesterday. My cousin is getting married next weekend and even though we’ve got evening only invites, I wanted to make sure I looked nice. I am fully aware that my tummy is much larger than most ladies at 11 weeks pregnant, especially because many people don’t ‘show’ until 16 weeks onward. I was a measly 49kgs and a size 6 before getting pregnant so I should hush up and not be surprised by the sudden appearance of a belly.

I saw many dresses I liked and usually can grab one off the hanger, try it on and be done with it. This sadly does not apply any more, I am now at least a 10 around the middle and my proportions are all wrong. Big waist, small hips and small chest! It may seem like I am complaining but believe me I am not. Thanks to my pregnancy I have hips, an obvious waist and a bust I’ve been wishing for my whole life! I adore my lovely little bump (and especially my boobs).

The style of dress was something I had to get used to looking for. No longer can I wear waist cinching fitted dresses, but have to opt for the straight waist less dresses that were more on the floaty side. I picked a gorgeous dress and cardigan combo from H&M. I was well behaved in choosing the colour – purple – because I had recently bought a new pair of purple shoes and didn’t want to have to shop for another pair (I really don’t need any more shoes). Anyway, would you want to shop for shoes two Saturdays’ before Christmas?! No way!

I cannot wait for the wedding now. I get to see lots of family who I don’t see all that often, my cousin who is expecting her second child next year and her gorgeous daughter – I can’t wait to talk babies! The wedding is taking place in a castle and the evening reception is there also, it’s going to be so magical, especially that close to Christmas. I can’t wait!


  1. squeeee! I can't wait to see you pregnant!

    We'll have to arrange a time when we can come down and visit in the new year :) x

  2. Ah Samboy I can't wait for you to see the bump!

    Yes, we'll have to sort something out because we're not coming back over crimbo this year :-( only for the wedding and that's it. Don't like being so far away from you guys!

  3. How dare you have a baby as soon as you move away! I get less cuddles! ;) x

  4. I know I know, I'm sorry, it was very un-thoughtful of us! :D