Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bra Wars

I feel like a deformed human being and slightly wonky after I had my boobies measured for a proper fitting bra. I feel like I've got to the age where I need to start looking after myself a little more and I know it's important to have a properly fitting bra. Anywho, I went to a store that offered a free fitting service. I got my boobs out and the girl said "Oh, you're quite lopsided aren't you?" ARRRGGGHHH! Imagine the scene if you will - I'm standing in a shop fitting room with my baps out, infront of someone I didn't know, who also had very cold hands and she tells me I'm lopsided. THANKS!!! 
So she measured me and I'm a whole cup size bigger on my left than my right. So I have two options, buy a B cup and right boob fits perfectly and left boob is bulging; or buy a C cup and left boob fits perfect and right boob is hiding away in the corner. I also found out that I'd need a 30" bra around my chest meaning that I have an impossible bra size to buy for... a 30C.Do you think anywhere sells that size? No, of course not.
So all in all, I'm left wondering what the heck I should do. I was going to buy a whole new set of bras and throw my old ones away because they were so ill fitting but it looks like the only place I'm going to be able to buy a bra that REALLY fits me is from a special lingerie store online. Bah!
My other option is to buy ones in a C cup with the removeable padding and take the padding out of the left cup and leave the right one in (or even stuff the padding from the left in the right to compensate).
Yay for me and my wonky baps.


  1. oh jadey that sucks!

    i was lucky in that when i went for my fitting i'd been wearing the right size forever :)

    poor jade's boobs. make your own bras? :) x

  2. You are not alone!!! I am also the (not so) proud owner of a pair of wonky baps!!! I was told I HAD to have a bigger size bra for the bigger boob, leaving a massive gape on the other side!
    If it makes you feel any better apparently most people do have one boob bigger than the other!! so we are normal!! hehe
    Thinking of starting a wonky bap society?? haha.
    sam xxx

  3. @Samboy -I'm glad I went but it angered me! Making my own isn't a bad idea but I'm not sure if all the bits to make a nice one would cost more than one online! Drat!

    @Manths - Yes, I'm with you all the way. A society would be good, for the support (haha, geddit)!