Friday, September 17, 2010

Bizarre Morning

It's been a strange one indeed. I received a call from a friend of mine saying she'd been asked to do some extra work for a TV program. She couldn't do it because of other work commitments so passed it on to me as I fit the description "hippy girl with dreads".

I got a call from the casting lady and found out all about it. I said yes but slightly regretting it now. It's set at a house party and one of the characters has to "bump and grind" against me. Let's just say the husband isn't too happy about it.

I will however be paid very nicely for giving a day and a half of my time. I have to take a few clothing suggestions that fit the no brand names, no bright colours genres and the producers will choose what I should wear.

I'm extremely nervous about it as I've never done anything like this before, I don't know what I should expect, what I should do, what I should say etc. I want to be professional about it. The lady I spoke to said I could bring the husband along, but I can't imagine he's going to enjoy standing there watching me get danced against.

He's giving me the cold shoulder at the moment, I know it. He's pretending to be doing work but I can see his mind is distracted by what I've just agreed to. I'm unemployed and the money is good, even if I do have to shame myself to get it...


  1. oh dear, but how exciting! is it for Skins? x

  2. How did you guess! :) It is. I'm going to do it and we've both agreed that we won't watch it. Because it would be painful for us both! xx