Monday, July 26, 2010

The Vito Sport - Animal Bike Tour

So, we went shopping in the city centre this weekend as I needed a new outfit for my cousins wedding on Saturday. I hate hate hate clothes shopping, especially when there's a purpose for it and not just window/random shopping. My feet hurt, I was hungry and bored.

By 3.30 I wanted to go home but we had to have one final look for a pair of shoes (for me) and we came across a trials bike set-up right in the middle of the high street. Unbeknown to us these had been going on all day and we hadn't heard the rackett.

We waited around for the 4pm show and who did we find out was riding - Martyn Ashton and Blake Simmonds!!!! If you don't know who they are, have a browse on YouTube. They're both amazing riders!

I got some sweet pics too:

Martyn going back up the stairs

Blake did some crazy stuff!
Blake's finale was an indie tailwhip - HUGE!

 So glad I managed to get some awesome pictures out of my crappy little phone!

We got there too late to enter their competition though... they were giving away a free bike. Dammit.

(*I did manage to find a pair of shoes for £4 before we found the bikes!)

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