Friday, June 11, 2010

This weekend...

I've got into cross stitch and this weekend I will make this. 

I <3 Gir sooooooooooo much 


I'm currently finishing off what's known as a 'sampler'. It's where you do the entire alphabet upper and lower case in a certain style. I've chosen to do a sampler of the Wingdings font as a moving in present for someone I used to work with. It looks hilarious.

Pictures will follow once completed.


  1. eee, I want to get into cross stitching, you will have to let me know how it goes lovely xxx

  2. at first, I got really confused. I googled 'how to cross stitch' and that helped me out! I designed the charts for the Wingdings sampler myself and that was really fun. You can probably cross stitch just about anything if you've got some graph paper!

  3. I will give you heap beeg monies to make me one of these!

    i ruv you rong time x

  4. I can make you one of these if you want Samyboy. I have however got someting else in mind that I'm going to give a go which I think you'll love more :)

    I'm getting a package together of all the things I've bought and made for you over the years that never made their way to you. It's gonna be a MEGA package!