Friday, June 11, 2010

My Birfday

So it was my b-day on Wednesday. I hated spending the day in work but it would have been pointless having the day off as Andi would be in work anyway!

My work colleagues bought me some lovely flowers and a card. The flowers have really brightened up our usually plain office, I might start buying flowers every week for here. They look so pretty.

After work my parents and bro + girlfriend came over and we went for a lovely meal a The Wellington on Goucester road. My bro bought me some amazing t-shirts, one with a dinosaur on the front! I <3 dinosaurs. They also bought me a pillow with speakers built in so you can pop your i-phone/pod in it. it also has little controls built into the front of the pillow dso you don't even have to take your music out! Brilliant!

The meal was lovely. Andi had a few too many beers and as soon as we got home he picked a fight with me. Not physical obviously, but was determined to argue. I kept telling him 'any day but today, it's my birthday DAMN YOU!'. I was so upset because it was a pointless arguement. He kept on and on and on. I ended up sleeping by myself that night. SWINE!

Tonight, our friends J and Fi are coming down from London town for the weekend. We're going to a big D&B night tonight and I'm hoping that I'm not as tired tonight as I have been all week. I've been coming home exhausted and forcing myself to stay awake until bedtime.

Hopefully today will be a finish early day :)

I hope everyone had a nice week and has an even lovelier weekend!


  1. want me to kick his bum for you?x

  2. Aw thanks hun :) It's ok though, he can't remember it but he did feel bad and apologised :)

    Thants what matters!