Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The not so good news about my Pfaff 300e

The cat is not amused.
In my last post, I shared the joy that I'd repaired my Pfaff Smart 300e and I couldn't wait to begin stitching. Well, it's not all good news.

Blinded by the sheer delight that the machine was actually working I forgot one small thing. I needed to hook it up to my computer to transfer my lovely self made design. This is where the problems have started. I can't for the life of me find the original disc that came with the machine. We've moved 5 times since I bought the machine so it could be anywhere. I didn't think not having the disc would be too much of a problem as the internet has a world of information about device drivers and I'd surely be able to find the one I was looking for...

I should be so lucky!

I can't find the disc or the drivers ANYWHERE. I have searched and trawled the internet for the past 3 nights without any success. I've found numerous blog posts over the years by people with the same problem and it seems to be un-fixable.

My lovely threads, waiting to be used...
I phoned Pfaff UK this morning and the chap I spoke to was nice enough but bluntly told me that without the disc, my machine is virtually useless! Thanks Pfaff - massive help! (that conversation sent me into a mini sulk so I went as cleaned the bathroom... as you do) Yeah, OK, the machine comes with a few pre-set designs in its minimal memory but that's not what I want it for. I can't even purchase a replacement disc as the machine is long discontinued. My only hope is to find another owner of a Smart 300e and kindly get them to copy the disc for me.

And that's where I am now. Registering and posting on numerous embroidery, sewing and craft forums and websites in the hope that I find someone else on this planet who hopefully uses those sites and who can help me in my struggle.

So I have a couple of hundred pounds worth of machine that it looks like I won't be able to use.


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  1. Hi, I have exactly the same problem, and I don't have any solution... Do I have to put my pfaff in the trash???grrrr, I will never buy pfaff in the future, how they can say that without disc we can't use the machine! they can send us just driver!!pfff...
    Do you have find someone who can send you a copy? or please let me know what can I do. Thank you very much!!