Monday, May 20, 2013

We're STILL up for sale...

It's been a while since my last blog post and I'm sad to say we're still waiting for our house to sell. Our agents have been great and doing a really good job at getting people through the door to view our house. We've also come so close to getting an offer but were always pipped to the post by another house. It's very frustrating being stuck in this limbo.

Getting a viewing, cleaning the house, presenting it well, showing people around, hearing they love the house, then the but... they saw another house that they offered on instead. Humph.

The fact that we're getting so close means that the price is right, the time is right, the house is in good shape... we just need the people who want our house!

We've been slowly packing things away - such as non-essential kitchen stuff, clothes, baby toys etc etc. We've now got to the point where nearly everything that is left is essentials and if we packed it away too soon, we'll end up rummaging through boxes to find it again in a few days time. It's annoying.

We did go and view a few houses last week in the village we'll be moving back to. They were all very different types of property and we totally fell in love with a fixer-upper type place. The house was HUGE but needed complete renovation. We're not scared of the challenge of a complete renovation but we're not in a position to make an offer until we've sold our house. I'd be so sad to miss out on that house because it was perfect (apart from the birds nesting in the attic and lack of kitchen & bathroom...).

Hubby isn't working at the moment and we're also getting a little short on money, not dangerously getting into debt kinda short, just running down our reserve cash. He really needs to get back to work soon and we can't do that until we've moved. There's so many things that have to come together soon.

I'm feeling a little stuck.

I'm a take the bull by the horns kinda girl and like to know where I'm headed and how. I like to feel in control even if that's not always the case but right now I feel totally out of control. I can't make the house sell and I can't make us move until this has happened. I've just got to sit on my hands, be patient and hope that everything works out in the next few weeks!

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