Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tongue Pokery and Still Not Sleeping

IQ has figured out what her tongue is and is currently getting great pleasure from poking it out at every opportunity. I've been sat here looking like a mad woman poking mine out at her, sometimes she copies but mostly looks at me like I'm daft.

She's still not sleeping great. She's had a few bad nights with 6+ wakings but last night she only woke 3 times. It meant that I had three hour blocks of unbroken sleep, which I feel much better for. I think her eczema is keeping her awake as it's still quite sore. I'm forever re-swaddling her in the nights because she breaks free and rubs her face with her sleep suit (the ones with mitts in). I might have to sew the sleeves to her sleep suit to stop her doing it or get miracle swaddle blanket. The doc finally provided something stronger for it and some emollient for the bath. Poor thing, it looks really sore but better than it was. So an improvement anyways.

Today, I'm hoping to get some crafts done in time for my Crafting Days of Christmas hop. I've set myself (the most stupid) challenges to post every day in the run up to Christmas. I'm not sure if I'll manage it as December is a busy time for us!

What's everyone else doing with this wet weekend? Have you got any crafts/gift making planned?


  1. The tongue action is too cute!

    Poor IQ with her eczema! :( I hope it starts clearing up soon! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Kirsten. It is starting to clear now and doesn't look as angry as the pic above! Hope you and miss Roo are all good?

  2. Eek I love the tongue poking stage, so cute! Hope the eczema clears up, poor wee girl, she's still so cute though! When my son wakes up 6+ times I just tell myself it's because he loves me so much he misses me if he sleeps too long ;) lol.
    Good luck with your crafting! I have my advent calendar as activities so I'll be attempting daily challenges too. Exciting!

    1. Hi Sylvia! Aw thank you. That's such a positive way to think about the night wakings, I'll try and remind myself that it's the reason she wants to see my face!

      If you're going to be writing some Christmas craft posts, would you like to join my blog hop?