Friday, November 16, 2012

Events come as a pack

As Neil Gaiman wrote, events always come in packs and this week has been no exception. IQ has had a cold, possibly teething, last set of jabs, her eczema has got really angry and finally, has hit the 4 month sleep regression. Hard.

Yesterday was a battle to keep her dry from all the drooling and crying. She had about 4 full outfit changes. Today (after being up every 2 hours last night) she has been refusing to nap and is totally wired. I've been playing lullabies on my laptop, white noise in my phone and singing, terribly. Endless rocking, bouncing and wibbling hasn't helped either.

So I brought out the big guns.

Our vacuum is like a black hole that sucks in anything in it's path. Cat hair, socks, even a nappy have been dragged into it. A by-product of this immense power is the noise. It's probably similar to a space launch (but without the excitement) and the neighbours must hate me. Thankfully while on at full power the intense racket drew IQ's attention from wailing and calmed her down. Enough so I could quickly sling-up and plonk her in.

After being sick in my cleavage, a regular occurrence but this time it was pink and sticky due to Calpol, she fell asleep. Nice.

She's currently drooling on my chest as she sleeps in the sling and I don't mind at all. I'm glad to finally have a non-wired, sleeping baby. The up side to this disastrous morning is that my living room got a much needed clean and my boobs smell like strawberries.

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  1. Aww her poor little face :( Hope she feels better soon x