Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiny Little Grabby Hands

IQ never ceases to amaze me. I love sitting and watching her as she grows and learns. Just a few short weeks ago, she was just starting to reach out for things using a closed fist. Now she stops, looks at an object, reaches out with her fist and then opens her fingers and grabs on. As with most babies the grabbed object heads straight for her mouth and this is also done with amazing accuracy.

 I have started building up a 'treasure box' full of objects with interesting shapes and textures (all baby friendly of course) and IQ is having a great time with them. The objects I currently use are plastic cookie cutters in various shapes and colours, tumble dryer balls, plastic pegs, silicone muffin cases, a piece of purple tulle, black dress netting. She's having so much fun with it all and I'm having so much fun watching her explore her world with her new found sense of touch (and taste!).

Do you use/have used a treasure box for your kids? What were the favourite objects? Did you update the items as they got older?

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