Thursday, September 13, 2012

8 weeks and growing so fast!

My little girl is 8 weeks old this week and that meant that she had to have her jabs. They had been written on the calendar for a few weeks and I knew that when the day came, I'd be a bag of nerves. Luckily I didn't feel too bad about it and took her to the doctors. We didn't have to wait too long to see the nurse (usually this takes Forever as Wednesday is 'blood pressure' day - grannies everywhere!). The nurse kindly explained what she was going to do and what each jab was for (2 in total). I decided to feed IQ as she had the jabs in the hope that she wouldn't notice them as much. It didn't really work! The first jab made her bite down HARD! The second made her latch off completely and scream. It was horrible. My little baby had just had two huge needles stabbed in her thighs!!! I was close to tears myself then all of a sudden she stopped crying, probably because she'd forgotten what she was crying for! She was bandaged with two plasters on her thighs, my brave little soldier!

After the doctors we went to the drop in weighing clinic and playgroup. My little milk monster now weighs 12lbs 12oz! Woweee that's a lot of milk! She's steadily following the 90th centile mark!!

I'm one proud mummy!

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  1. IQ is such a gorgeous little squishy. :) And is wearing an AMAZING onesie in that photo too, btw...

    I'm SO dreading the inevitable 'jabs' appointment to come. Eeep. :(