Sunday, August 26, 2012

IQ is 6 weeks old!

My darling little IQ is 6 weeks old already. She's coming on beautifully ad I'm finally Starting to feel like we 'get' each other a little better. Breastfeeding is going very well but it is hard to keep up with such a greedy little milk guzzler! She's put on a wonderful amount of weight and now weighs an impressive 11lbs 6oz (weighed at clinic on Wednesday). She's spending much more time awake and is very curious of her surroundings, we've also started playing with toys which she seems to enjoy very much.

She's still finding it hard to wind down in the evenings and that can be difficult for me as she cluster feeds from 7pm and sometimes won't sleep until 11 or 12pm! It's exhausting and very hard to keep a calm head!

She's currently on a walk with her dad as I need some good old me time and daddy just loves having her all to himself!

This week we have our 6 week check with the GP, I'm sure everything will be fine and my little pudding will be even heavier again I'm sure!

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