Thursday, August 16, 2012

Being a mummy: One month in...

Gosh, doesn't time fly? I can't quite believe it's been over a month since IQ came into our lives.

Being a mummy is much harder than anyone prepares you for, yes there are late nights, mountains of nappies and crying - but what they don't tell you about is sore nipples, not having time to wipe your backside, going days without a shower or breakfast (sometimes both) and the sheer emotional strain it puts on you.

Having said all that, it seems to be getting much easier as I begin to understand my baby and my body too. I'm breastfeeding on demand (and she is a little piggy!) and I've come close to quitting a few times. It is hard but I'm sticking with it because I love the closeness we share at feeding time. Especially night time when me and IQ snuggle close and sometimes fall asleep together.

Every day is a different journey, they all start differently and end differently and that's the exciting part, knowing that no two days will ever be the same again!

IQ is growing so fast, she's nearly outgrown all of her newborn clothes and last week she weighed 10lbs 4 oz, so I'm certain she's reached 11lbs already! She's even in size 2 nappies, what a big girly!

As our days start making a bit more sense and that IQ stops feeding constantly, I hope to get back into some hobbies, sewing, crochet and (hopefully) blogging!

For now, here's a photo dump from the last 4 weeks of my beautiful IQ's life! Enjoy!

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  1. Awww, I love that you call her IQ! That is beyond cute!

    I can't believe it's been a month either! Time must be going even faster for you! She looks so much like you an Ryan :)

    So excited for Saturday x