Thursday, March 1, 2012

22 Week Pregnancy update!

Wow, time is going by so quickly these days. Before now, time was something that just went on by, sometimes slowly sometimes quickly but I never had anything to compare or measure it with. Time just went by just as is always did. Now, time is going by in weekly measurable blocks and every time a Tuesday comes around I think WOW, that's another week of my life gone... It is said that the older you get the faster time moves.

Now that I'm more than halfway through my pregnancy the weekly passing of time has become a countdown and I'm so excited to say that I've only got 18 weeks left!

The most noticeable changes to my body have taken place in the last two weeks. I have felt lots of movement, especially in the evening just after tea and although Andi can't feel the kicks  from the outside yet, I know we're not far off being able to share the experience. It's an amazing feeling, like being poked in the tummy but from the inside. I know I make a funny face whenever I feel it and it probably looks like I have trapped wind!

There have been so many changes over the last few weeks that I've made two lists of things I love and things I don't love (so much) about being pregnant:

Things I LOVE about being pregnant:
  • Looking pregnant is wonderful, feeling pregnant, which I only have done in the last few weeks, is even better.
  • Feeling the baby move inside you is magical
  • Boobs! I've gone from a 30C to a 36D (almost DD)!
  • Bum! I always had an 'upper leg' but never a bum, now I have one and it's lovely!
  • Belly touching. I love it when Andi puts his hands on my bump
  • Eating like a horse and not being judged for it
  • I've finally gained weight! I now weigh 9 st 11 which is heavy, but I'm pregnant!
  • Buying maternity clothes - they look so huge until you put them on
  • Family, how you see your parents and siblings in a different light and gain a WHOLE LOAD more respect for them
  • Decorating the baby's room, which we've made a start on - post to come about it soon
  • Looking at baby items and knowing that at some point you're going to need it all!

Things I Don't love about being pregnant:
  • The loss of my belly button! I did have a lovely deep innie, now it's shallowed out and is most likely to become an outie in the next few weeks! Arghh it's so scary!
  • Unpredictable bowels, one day you go, two days you don't...
  • Not being able to wear ANY of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, especially with weddings coming up this is proving to be a right ball-ache!
  • Acne, I hated it as a teenager and I hate it EVEN more now. It's all over my body and it has made me very self conscious
  • I still can't stomach meat, and I'm sure I'm going to be deficient in something by the end of my pregnancy
  • Tiredness - I'm still feeling exhausted by 9 o'clock at night
  • Irritable like you wouldn't believe, so sorry to my lovely husband
  • My muscles and bones ache like hell, everything is stretching but getting really stiff at the same time, ouch!
Work has also been VERY stressful this week. I've tried to stay as calm and collected as I can but I have been coming home exhausted every night. I've got another week of intense work left and I think I'm going to need a break at the end of it!



  1. Ah you look wonderful! I'm so excited for you!! xx

  2. Gosh, it seems like no time ago that you were 5 weeks! x

  3. You look great!

    I don't think I've felt any movement yet...I'm getting so ansy too! ;)