Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mum2Mum Market - Stuff what once belonged to someone, now belongs to me!

Today I attended a nearly new & pre-loved sale of maternity and baby items called Mum2Mum market. It's the first bit of shopping for the baby I've done and did feel a little bad after I walked out with a bag full of maternity clothes and nearly nothing for the little one!

I love the idea of this type of sale - it allows mums to get rid of the old stuff their babies have grown out of and make them accessible to people like me. By like me I mean the completely clueless mum-to-be who still has no idea what she should be buying and couldn't tell the difference between a cot mattress and changing mat! my mum very kindly agreed to come with me and bless her soul, drove 2 hours in terrible weather to join me. She also brought my Grandma and Granddad along too, which was really lovely. They all couldn't get over the size of my bump and it took my Grandma less than 5 minutes to get her camera out and snap away at it!

After a cup of tea and a quick catch up we headed to the sale. I did plan on getting some photographs of three generations shopping for baby stuff but it was SO busy I didn't have the chance! It was really lovely to see so many people being economical, environmentally friendly and saving a bit of dosh. Lots of ladies were walking out with bag fulls of bargains! I didn't find that much stuff as we're getting a lot donated to us by friends and family so it was just nick-nacks and niceties that I bought.

In no particular order, I came away with:
  • A pop up baby cot/bed - great for traveling and seeing family (which we will be doing a lot of)
  • An Isabella Oliver knitted sweater with removeable snood/cowl and a complete steal at £5!
  • 2 H&M Maternity tops
  • 2 Jojo Maman Bebe maternity tops
  • A baby sling in GORGEOUS paisley material, handmade by Kali Sling
  • An all in one baby bear suit in 6-9 months (because everyone needs one of those!)
It was a little bit annoying that the sale was two days before we were due to find out what sex the baby is but none the less, I feel indulged in baby-ness. I am definitely going to try and find more sales like that as that one was fabulous!

Tomorrow, me and the husband are going to test drive some buggies!


  1. Hey Jade, just wanted to pop in to say 'hello' as your newest follower.
    Found your blog through our mutual friend Miss Sam over at "Honest to blog!".
    Anyway, you seem like a rad lady, we're both tattooed and expecting mamas too!
    Check out my blog; I'm an American expat living in Norway, btw :)
    See you around the blogosphere! xoxo

    1. Hi Kirstin, thank you so much for following, I have glady returned the favour. How many weeks are you? Do you know the sex? It's such an exciting time but it goes by so quickly. Looking forward to reading your blog x

  2. Jadey you will just love Kirstin up there :) ^^^

    I'm soooo slinging my babies. It's great for bonding and just looks lovely too. That sling is so pretty!

    And of course you needed a bear suit! My little uns are going to live in bear suits. I may need to buy about 5 in each baby size :D x

    1. A sling just seems more practical when you want to use your hands and it looks amazing. I've heard that most babies sleep for the whole time they're in the sling because they are so comfortable. I might try it out on the cat!

      Every time I saw a baby in a bear suit I squeed so I had to have one. It was a bargain too!

    2. I don't really know how new mums get anything done if they don't have a sling!

      Well, because G is Bear, it means we'll have baby bears :) it must be done!x

  3. Love the grey top! me want lol. Can you save this for me when I have babies :)

    1. Moose, I actually thought of the one you have that is similar and remembered how great it looked on you. It will fit you like a dream so I will gladly hand it down/over when you have bubbas. Maybe we could share it depending on how many we end up having!

  4. Cant wait to get my hands on that bump of yours next week lady!!! and that pop up travel cot will come in very hand for the wedding!!

    See you soon, <3

    1. Ah mummabear, your identity has been revealed! Can't wait to have my bump harassed!!! I really hope
      Baby is here and I can walk before the wedding!! I really cannot miss it!!