Monday, February 6, 2012

Little Long Legs!

Today we had our 20 week scan. I was a little bit worried I'd have to go back as I'm only 18 + 6 today but gladly I found out that it was fine. It's normal to scan 2 weeks either way of the 20 week date. After a little wait we were called in and our sonographer introduced herself. The waiting room was very busy and the staff seemed pretty rushed but as soon as we got into the room she made us feel like we were the only people she was going to see that day, which was really nice.

She explained clearly everything she was going to be looking for during the scan and why she was doing it and also that there may be some things that wouldn't be picked up on the scan, things that would only become apparent at birth. We totally understood and are fully prepared for that but it was nice to be told anyway. She scanned through very thoroughly and our gorgeous little wriggler has all the right bits in all the right amounts in all the right places. That was such a relief! The only concern was that my placenta is laying low and that I have to go for another scan at 32 weeks. She didn't seem too concerned but as she couldn't find the end she wants to keep an eye on it, so that's fine by me. Maybe I have an infinite placenta, bah hahaha!

She then showed us just how long the little ones legs were! We both laughed as we're both short! Not sure who's genes they've ended up with!

Next, after the sonographer had done all her tests and she was happy, it came to finding out the sex of the baby and at that point I'd totally forgotten about it. I was more concerned that everything was normal and healthy with the baby.  She had a good scan around and said with some conviction IT'S A GIRL! And I was convinced, like, really really convinced that I was having a boy! I'm not a hugely girly girl so I doubt that I'm going to go on a pink mission but I know that my little girl is going to be a really funky baby. I have so many girly sewing patterns and there seems to be so much more girls knitting & crochet patterns available, so I know that's going to take up a lot of my time now.

Today was such a lovely day and I really can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. I'm almost half way!


  1. Yayyyy, I'm so pleased!

    And those legs! I've never seen anything like it :) She's gonna be a leggy lady for sure :)

    I can start buying presents now :D weeeeee x

  2. A girl?!

    Hooray! I'm so excited for you, and so glad the baby is a healthy, long-legged beauty!