Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings of Oriental Proportions

It finally happened. The food cravings have taken control of me and this morning I drove to the supermarket like a woman possessed. All day yesterday I crave miso soup and ramen noodles.  I lay awake in bed last night thinking of the gorgeous savoury flavour of miso soup, the chewiness of Tofu and the flavour of a ramen soup. It was too much to handle and this morning I needed to do something about the cravings, so my mission started. 
There are very few places in Plymouth to buy oriental/world foods I have found out. In Bristol where we used to live there was a huge oriental supermarket that stocked everything. But not here. I could always by the food online but that would mean I would have to wait until next week to satisfy my cravings, and anyone who is or has been pregnant will know that this is not something that is easy to ignore and put off for a few days! I scoured the internet for over an hour trying to find out which of my local supermarkets stocked the biggest range of world foods. Tescos won by a fair way so I hopped in the car and bought myself some goodies.
Thankfully they had everything I wanted because I was actually close to tears when I found the only pack of miso soup we had in our cupboard was mouldy! The shop was extensive but I am now a very happy lady. I had BBQ chicken ramen for lunch and I've made veggie sushi for when Andi gets home from work. This is the first day in ages I've actually cooked for him so I wanted to make a big deal about it!

We're having veggie sushi, homemade vegetable goyoza (which I will post the recipe for tomorrow) and Tofu soba.
I even went as far as buying two new BIG bowls to serve the soba in. Kinda like the ones in Wagamama but not quite as monstrous! (I was close to dragging Andi to the closest Wagamamas in Exeter tonight if I hadn't found soba noodles!)

So this has been my first experience of pregnancy food cravings and I think I handled it pretty well. Apart from spending quite a big of money on exotic food, I didn't drive around petrol stations at 4 in the morning because I wanted a certain type of packet of crisps! Phew!


  1. This is a good craving to have! Healthy too! This baby is a good one :) x

  2. I think it's because I've gone off meat and my body was obviously needing protein. I'd been craving Tofu too and that's got loads if calcium in it, so it's a win win situation!!!!