Sunday, October 16, 2011

This update is overdue

Moving house is a stressful time

A lot in my life has changed since my last full blog post. We moved to Plymouth on September 27th and I have been spending most days trying to get the house freed of the myriad of boxes and bags that are clogging up space.

The move was a pretty stressful time. The house wasn't ready for us to move in to when we had to leave our previous house, so we had to stay with my parents for just under two weeks. It was lovely, I'm not going to deny it but not having your own space does get you down - especially if you've been used to it for so long.

The day of the move was awful. We drove the 3 and a half hours from my parents' to our new house and waited for just under an hour for the delivery van to turn up. The van, which had all of our worldly belongings in had been stopped by the traffic police, taken to a weigh bridge and was found to be 2 tonnes over the weight limit. WHAT?!?!?! So the driver had to hire another van, unload and re-load all of our stuff and then drive here. Quite a few of our things were broken during this transition which annoyed me a lot, but, it couldn't really have been avoided. But we're here and we're settled and that's the main thing.

Working to live, not living to work

My husband started work at his new job almost immediately which meant that I was sat at home sorting. I started to feel a bit lost. We've moved to a city where neither of us know anyone. We don't have any friends or family around and I was starting to feel like a crazy cat lady, relying on the cats for my daily conversation. I was starting to get low because my husband had started his dream job and I had nothing (apart from the cats of course). You can imagine how I felt.

I had applied for about 30 jobs in the first week of being here and around 20 the second. I didn't hear back from any (still haven't). For those that don't know me, I'm a music industry professional. I worked with the biggest independant music disbributor in the UK (and possibly even Europe). That was my dream job. I loved every minute of it and the experience I got from it was fantastic. Sadly the music industry took a turn for the worse in 2008/09 and I lost my job. A lot of the companies where I used to live either closed up or moved to London. I was screwed. There was no way I'd move to London so I settled for a run of the mill retail job.

After moving down here I contacted a company called the Plymouth Music Zone. I went for a chat and was asked to take part in an event in November aimed at young women who want to get in to the music industry. I gladly said that I would take part because it would be a fantastic start for networking and business contacts.

Taking the chance

Then I found a job through a website and applied. Surprisingly I had a response from the owner within half an hour of my application asking if I could have a chat with him. The meeting was on Friday. I didn't get the job I applied for but he created a NEW position within the company an has offered me that job! I couldn't believe it. I am so thilled and excited that I am finally going to get back into the music industry after such a long time. I was starting to think I wasn't going to have a chance to do so again. The job is a Project Management position of sorts. I'm going to be involed in pretty much everything the company does and have a chance to use my skills and experience that have been sat on the shelf for so long.

Everything has worked out almost perfectly for us and I cna't belive it's happening. The last three years have been so hard for us, money, relationships, friends etc. I am so pleased that moving to a new city has offered us the fresh start in life we both truly needed.

I cannot wait to start my new job. *jumps around excitedly*. (Thank you for reading!)

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  1. gah this new blog layout keeps fecking with my comments! Love it though :)

    Well done you! I'm so pleased for you and proud of you! congratulations!!!!

    We'll have to have a catchup on the phone or skype soon!xxx