Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making dreadlocks look beautiful

Some of you know but most of you don't know that I have dreadlocks. Contrary to popular beliefe they are not dirty or stinky and I wash them a lot. I think many people have this misconception because they think that dreadlocks are achieved by not brushing or washing your hair for a very long time but this is further from the truth. Dreadlocks formed the 'natural' way are messy, uneven and probably quite stinky (think about it, someone who doesn't brush or wash for ages...). My dreadlocks were carefully planned and achieved by four days of pure torture to get them done. It involves a lot of hair pulling, cramp and neck strain. Not to mention the poor hands of my husband who was the one who did them for me.

I wash them every week and tidy them up once a month. By tidy up I mean 'stitching' the loose hair at the roots back in with a very tiny crochet hook. This takes a very long time. I also spray them with essential oils which not only makes them smell beautiful, it's also good for my scalp. So all in all, I think on average I spend as much time on my hair as any un-locked girl.

Dreadlocks are sometimes difficult to style and even more difficult to get to look girly. When I'm in a lay-about mood I tend to look really boyish. I've recently discovered a love for dreadlock beads because they make your dreadlocks look girly without being over the top. I've started a little online shop that I really hope some dreadlocked people will come to visit and buy some dreadlock beads. If you're interested, the address is www.airria.co.uk

Here's a few that I've made. I adore the irony of the comb dreadlock bead but my favourite is the locket and key beads. Which one is your favourite?

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