Saturday, October 8, 2011

Full arm photo of my Polynesian tattoo

I've had a lot of hits recently because of my Polynesian tattoo post. I wasn't very happy with the original picture of my sleeve so I thought I'd add this one!

For anyone thinking of getting a Polynesian tattoo I strongly recommend you visit It's a fantastic resource for south island tattoo styles including Polynesian, Marquesian and Mauri. They have an online dictionary that you can view meanings of symbols and positions of tattoos on the body.

There is a small fee to pay but it's worth it when you end up with a beautiful tattoo tailored to your needs. Please, when getting a tattoo of any of the south island styles don't choose a flash design off a studio wall. Nine times out of ten they're meaningless, soulless and above all, there will  be someone else out there with your tattoo sooner or later - if there isn't already!

This style is meant to be individual, meaningful and most importantly, well thought out. So don't degrade your tattoo or it's style by cutting corners. Go to an artist who specializes - because they'll care just as much as you do about your tattoo and you'll end up with something you love!

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