Saturday, November 20, 2010

I haven't died... I've been busy!

OK, so I got a job. Finally. The hours, 11am until 8.30pm, are killing me but at least I have an income now. I feel like I have dedicated my life to it but I don't mind.

I have also been busy making things, mainly as gifts for Christmas. I won't have a lot of money to spend this year so most of them are going to be handmade gifts for family and friends.

Here's something I'm particularly proud of. It's a scarf/cowl made from Wendy Fusion acrylic, colourway Autumn. I edged it with a cheap fancy bobble yarn. I also made two button holes and used some buttons my MIL gave me.
The pattern is plain and simple and is a perfect stash buster as it uses nearly a whole ball of yarn.
  • With a 5mm hook CO 25, DC in each stitch, CH 3, turn. Repeat until it's long enough to wrap around your neck. 
  • BUTTON HOLES: DC in next 5 DC, CH4, SKIP next 4 DC, DC in next 5 DC, CH 4, SKIP next 4 DC, DC in each remaining DC, CH 3, turn.
  • DC in each stitch across. Fasten off.
  • Edge with eyelash or bobble wool. 
  • Fasten buttons on other end to buttonholes.

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  1. I love this!! amazing well done! I love recreating things out of old clothes — the old faithful skirt out of old jeans trick etc!
    Maybe you should do some tutorials on what you make or how to reinvent things?! I would love to see that!!
    I've just entered the blogging world, please take a look and follow me if you like it!!
    Look forward to your next post!
    sam xx