Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV Show pt 2

Getting up at 5am and leaving the house before it's light is a totally different feeling from staying out until it's light and rolling into bed at 5am...
I had to be at the meeting place at 6.30am, which meant getting out of bed at 5am, leaving the house at 5.45am and arriving at 6.15am. It almost killed me!

My friend came along to the shoot and we had such a great time. We were spoiled rotten with lots of tea and coffee, bacon sandwiched for breakfast and Cock au Vin and new potatoes for lunch!

It was crazy to be behind the scenes of a show being filmed. It's completely different to what I'd expected. There was lots of waiting around and practicing scenes and then for just a few minutes at a time, had to act it all out with 100% enthusiasm! It was hard to get into, but was fun!

My role was great... I had to get chatted up by one of the main characters (who my friend said was totally hot) and as soon as he sees his ex girlfriend, he has to make it more obvious. Then we had to bump and grind together! (not too sure what the husband will think of it)

After a long old day of filming, we were getting ready around 7.30pm to be taken home. As we were waiting, one of the production assistants came up to me and gave me the good news...

They've created a new feature character for me! I'm the new love interest of aforementioned main character, it never goes further than just dancing and flirting (thankfully) but I have to make an appearance at all the parties.

Whoop whoop!

So I went from being uncertain about doing it, to not waiting to get back! Hypocrite!


  1. Congratulations! Make sure you post clips of the show when it comes out so we can all see it!

  2. arrgghhhh! so fricking cool!!!!!!