Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yarn Bombing

I had my lunch in the park opposite where I work this afternoon. It's Berkeley Square, just off Park Street, behind the Subway. As I was leaving, I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone had YarnBombed the statue, which looks like this:

There are 4 statues people, one on each side of the bottom of the statue. When I walked up closer I saw that someone had cleverly and beautifully YarnBombed the statues. 

Thanks to a quick Google search, I found the lady responsible. Her blog is here Twee As Volk. She has also made hubcaps for bollards that make them look like mushrooms, very clever lady.

Thank you for making me smile today :) x

A beautifully done lace ruffle - this one is my favourite

A very regal collar

An extravagant neck piece there Sir!


  1. I've never seen that done before! That's too cool! My new fave thing! :) x

  2. I found out about YarnBoming or YarnStorming a couple of years ago, after seeing a group that covered a load of red phone boxes in London entirely with squares of wool. There's even a lady in Maxico who covered an entire bus! A whole whopping bus!

    Just Google image search YarnBombing and you'll find some absolute gems!

  3. Thank you for the praise! I am pleased they are still there. I have plenty of ideas for more but haven't got to do much knitting lately. I'll be putting any new ones on the blog, anyway.