Friday, July 2, 2010

Last night - Sewing and tattooing

Last night was very fun indeed. Andi was downstairs tattooing himself and I was upstairs sewing. I've got my creative mojo back! Whoop whoop!

He did a really beautiful rose on his thigh, just above the knee. He did the outline at some point last week but decided at 9.30pm last night he was going to colour it in. It's not completely finished but looks amazing.

I created a new skirt for myself last night. I bought some yellow Dr Martens Mary Janes a little while ago and I very rarely wear/buy/make anything yellow, so I was a bit bummed that I didn't have anything that matched.

Usually my outfits are carefully co-ordinated, shoes, top and jewellery usually all match. But I have nothing that matches my beautiful Mary Janes. So I thought I'd make something.

Now, I'm not usually very good at just whacking something together from scratch. I like to carefully plan, create a pattern and then sew. But last night I just reached for the scissors and started cutting! I made the skirt using a light brown/yellowy corduroy and a black stretchy t-shirting material.

The aim was to have a very twirly, ruffly pixie style skirt with asymmetric hems in two layers, the corduroy on top and the black material underneath but a little longer, so it pokes out.

I'm so pleased with myself because it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it too, even a bit better. I've still got a little bit of sewing to go, I am going to embroider around the bottom of the corduroy with yellow and green stitching. Tonight, I'm going to finish it off. Once it's complete, I'll post some pictures and a little tutorial on how I did it. (I hate posting pics of unfinished work!)

So... how is everyone doing, anyone else had their creative juices flowing this week? x

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