Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I've been doing for the last week

So, not only is Tuesday my hair washing day, it is also the day that I like to update... for some reason.

I've been busy with my cross stitching. I think I'm getting quicker which is good, I seem to loose patience and get bored with projects that take too long. I hate myself for it because while I'm doing crafty things, I find it very therapeutic. But if it takes more than a couple of days I usually leave it halfway/three quarters of the way through. I've got a bag full of unfinished projects that I can't seem to pick back up. I don't know if it's laziness or if I lost the momentum needed to finish.

But, I did finish this in a few days. And I'm proud of it. My very first design that I did on my own. With some graph paper and a good old pencil. This is how it's turned out:

The animals are also bringing me more joy. Wibble (the Bosc Monitor) is now a hefty 27 inches. She's developed a lovely personality which means she comes and greets us when we come home from work. She also likes to sit amongst the grass in her viv and watch us, like a Lion watches game. Her pretty little eyes follow us around the room and if we get close enough to her viv, she comes out to inspect what we're doing!

Maurice (the Chameleon) had his first shed last weekend. We were only talking about how he hadn't shed on Friday and Saturday morning he was sporting a very fetching shedding-outfit which looked like he was wearing a cycle helmet and leg warmers!

He's also enjoying being handled. Just because he gets a nommy treat for being a good boy. Here he is with his wiggly cigar. He likes to catch the worms off your hand and just hold them for a little while.

I think 'he' is definitely a 'she', but I'm still going to call him 'him' and Maurice. It suits him now!


  1. Can't wait to cwtch Wibble! :) squeeeeee!x

  2. Aw she loves cwtches! But not for too long... she gets bored and starts thinking about food again! :)